Why Secure Link/Browser?

Definitions of User Identification and Authentication

For service providers to effectively deliver their services and give digital accesses to the users, they must first identify the users, and then authenticate the users’ identities. Identification is the process by which a service provider recognizes a user. Authentication is the process by which a service provider validates that a user is genuinely who that person claims to be.


User identification and authentication are musts, but login isn’t

It is easy to assume that user identification and authentication can only be achieved via login because service providers often use the ID to recognize the user and the supplied password to verify the user’s identity. Login is the most commonly adopted means to give accesses to the users, but it is not the only method nor the most effective one.

The process of login causes users frustration, fatigue, etc. as follows.

-Login requires a signup process

-Login requires users to remember their information

-Login requires user to sign in

-User identification and authentication are not transferable

Making your customers go through the exhaustive process of login can be burdensome. Secure link/browser are digital-transformed identification and authentication services. With Secure Link/Browser provided by F(X)=D, organizations can identify and authenticate their users, giving their customers an access to their services without the process of login. The solutions enable corporations to create a digital environment and deliver seamless digital experience of their customers without the exhaustive login process.