Personalized/Individualized/Customized Link Service

  • Management and control of the validity of a created link (Approximately 10 elements will included, e.g., effective period, authentication method, traffic, hidden URL, etc.)
  • Connection management of the existing service pages
  • Customize a requested service
  • Create a shortened URL with encryption (6 digits, 200 million / month and valid for 10 years)

Comprehensive Link Management

  • Scheduling for sending separate and bulk links
  • Sequential delivery according to the platforms of which links will be sent (SMS/LMS, and Push Apps)
  • Interoperating with the legacy system (Rest API provided)

Customer Response Management

  • Collecting customer feedback
  • Customer fatigue management (Derived from links and their messages)
  • Integrated customer record management (Managed by each customer)

Easy and Accessible System Management

  • Easy management (software and hardware are combined)
  • Scalability (Based on the strong platform, Cisco BE6000)
  • Interoperable with the Cisco collaboration solutions and the existing solutions, including campaign management system and messaging system
  • Installed and operated without the necessity of changing the legacy system