Comprehensive Link Management Solution

Create, share and manage short links

Customize, individualize and/or personalize your links

Track and optimize your campaigns

Original URL is masked

Maximize limited resources while enhancing the performance


Secure Link

Links accessible only by an intended person

Transferable user authentication

Accessible only by a person given the link

Service accessibility is limited to the given page

Create a digital environment for your customers


Secure Browser

Browsers on which a customer freely uses services via simple user authentication

Accessible only via a designated device and browser

User with a previous authentication record is given an easy access to services

Service accessibility is not limited to a single page

Deliver and improve a seamless digital customer experience


Updatable QR Code

QR code not fixed to a single webpage, but re-directing a user to the updated destination 

The destination of QR code can be editable at any time

Create added value and inspire your customers